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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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Torsion Spring System

Garage Door Springs in WashingtonMost residential garage doors use a single torsion spring to operate. Its role is to counterbalance the door’s weight and to enable smooth opening and closing. During opening, torque from the spring is released and applied to the door via a set of drums and lift cables. During closing, the component gets loaded with force once again. If the force is too little or too much, count on us to adjust the spring accurately. We achieve this through careful winding or unwinding and run tests to ensure that the result is perfect. Since both the spring and cables are under great pressure, they will break eventually. When this happens, you can count on us for quick replacement. Remember that torsion springs need lubrication. Rely on us to take perfect care of them as part of our maintenance services.

Extension Springs

These come in pairs and form a more complex system for counterbalancing and lifting the door. They are installed above the horizontal tracks and are connected to a set of pulleys. The lift cables run over the pulleys. While their torsion counterparts wind and unwind, the extension springs stretch and retain tension when the door is closed. They contract and release it to enable the unit to close closing. These garage door springs don’t require lubrication as there is no friction between the coils. However, they tend to have a shorter useful life compared to their counterparts. If a spring is broken or has a deformed coil, you can count on us at Garage Door Repair Federal Way to replace it quickly. 

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